Our Laurel Flies South


There is no doubt at all that Laurel loves babies.

Laurel Naff, RN, IBCLC, came to Special Beginnings in 2002 as a LPN and birth assistant. In the 14 yrs since, she has become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Registered Nurse. She took on the role of Director of Nursing. After hundreds and hundreds of births, so many sweet new babies assessed and kept warm, so many nursing mamas helped through struggles, so many strong birthing mamas and the loving families that surround them, so much traveling from Easton to Pykesville to Takoma Park to Lutherville and everywhere in between for postpartum home visits…  Laurel is leaving the birth center and moving to Naples, Florida. Though it breaks our hearts to say good-bye, we know that the mothers and babies down south will be as blessed as our birth center families have been to have the benefits of Laurel’s smile, skill and caring touch.

Safe journeys to Laurel and Chuck as they sail south. She will be sorely missed. Feel free to leave comments and notes to Laurel below to express your own gratitude for how she impacted your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences.



3 comments on “Our Laurel Flies South

  1. Oh my goodness! Laurel- we are so excited about this next adventure but goodness we will miss you. You were always a bright light and a wonderful resource… Not mention a calming force. Thank you for being a part of Ruby and Clementine’s beginning. We will never ever forget you. Xoxoxo- the Pepperman Family

  2. Laurel, I could never thank you enough for your encouragement and steadiness during my hardest hour of labor (in four births!). And so grateful you got to catch baby Dimitri during my wholly unplanned waterbirth! (8/22/16) Good luck to you during your new adventures!!

  3. No!! Oh Laurel, you were my savior every time I had to get blood drawn! You would hold my hand and stroke my hair as we listened to House on Pooh Corner. You helped me every single time and I am so sad that you won’t be there for my next baby! You are FANTASTIC! Good luck with everything!

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