Beautiful babies born at Special Beginnings Birth & Womens Center
Sally Smith, from Arnold, MD:

“My Special Beginnings experience was everything I had hoped for. The staff were understanding and caring and the facilities were just what I was looking for. The birth of our daughter could not have been more special and I truly thank Special Beginnings for that.”

Brenda J. Lane, ICCE, CD(DONA), Certified Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, Approved Doula Trainer, Maryland Childbirth Resources:

“One of the first things that comes to my mind when I hear that one of my clients is using the birth center is “freedom.” Parents are more involved in the birth process and can make their own decisions about how and where they want to give birth. Mothers are not limited to laboring in the bed or have tight-fitting monitors strapped to their abdomen. Birth center options such as Jacuzzis, birthing chairs and privacy are rarely possible in hospital settings. The absence of these options can severely limit the mother’s ability to give birth to her baby.

I fully support the midwifery philosophy and the birth center option which encourages parents to take an active role. When parents are empowered to make decisions during childbirth, they are not only happier with their birth experience, but they learn the skills they need to positively parent their children.”

Deborah and Michael Giglio (Girl, Lia Elizabeth; Girl, Alaina Nicole):

“All the caring and special attention before, during and after her birth made the whole experience more special for all of us than you’ll ever know. We couldn’t have had such a beautiful birth without all of you. You can be sure we will always be one of the greatest fans of Special Beginnings and each of you who work there.

With your help, this pregnancy and birth were once again filled with love and were just what we had hoped for. We are so blessed to have been able to come to you and we really appreciate all of you. Thank you for being so wonderful.”

Pamela Stevens and Tanik Hayday (Girl, Olivia Stevens):

“Thank you for helping us bring Olivia into the world! Your support and guidance means and meant so much to us.”

Erika and Oliver Schreiber (Girl, Isabel Anna):

“From my first prenatal visit to the night Isabel was born, I felt supported and nurtured. I felt confident that I was doing the best thing for my baby by placing my care in your hands.”

Kristina and Oleg Kozlovsky:

“Finding Special Beginnings was a blessing for our family. The individual attention, gentle care, support and guidance throughout the pregnancy were incomparable to the experiences we’ve had in several OB/GYN practices prior to finding Special Beginnings.

We appreciate the staff taking the time to answer all of our questions and to provide us with the thorough explanation of our options. We felt safe and secure that this was the best thing we could do for our family. Our birth experience was gentle, private and truly miraculous. Thank you!”

Suzy Provine:

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful, gentle care and the freedom to have the birth experiences I wanted.”

Odeana and Jerry Kramer:

“I feel very fortunate to have found Special Beginnings. You made my pregnancies with both Makenzie and Jerry fun and exciting.”

Kimberly and Mark Rohmann:

“Thank you for all your help and support! You all made having our first baby a wonderful experience!”

Donovan and LeeAnn Illig, (Girl, Kayla):

“There is no other way to give birth.”

Angela and Stephen Noto, (Baby Boy):

“We would like to express our gratitude for the excellent care we have always had there.”

Joan D Clickner:

“I had my son, Ian, at Special Beginnings over seven years ago. In the meantime we moved to Charlottesville, VA, where there are no birth centers. For our second child I would have come back to Special Beginnings if it made sense logistically — I felt like I was in the best and safest of hands throughout the whole experience and to this day I cherish the memory of my prenatal visits and the actual birth. Families in the Annapolis area are blessed to have access to Special Beginnings.”

Tynesha Knight:

“I’m one of a small demographic of American women who seek to have a
natural child birth. Unfortunately, what’s consider normal in this country
is hospital births. Cold rooms, doctors, IVs, monitors, nurses that change
every shift, pressure to progress labor with interventions, separating
baby and mom within minutes of birth, etc. I was not seeking that, and
wanted to have a birth experience that was calm, loving, peaceful, an
environment similar to home. With people I knew who truly cared for me, my
baby, and our overall birth experience. After all he would be laboring
with me. I searched and searched and searched to no avail. Until I called
my insurance company and they recommended Special Beginnings!

I never heard of Special Beginnings, and little did I know it was
Maryland’s hidden treasure! My first experience was with Tammie Burk, over
the phone. From her kind and professional demeanor, I knew I made the
right choice. Since then I’ve fallen in love with the staff. The
administration knew my name, and if I had any issues throughout the week.
Even scheduled appointments in advance my last weeks of pregnancy for the
time and day that worked with my husband’s work schedule. The midwives
were a dream come true. I was always put at ease during appointments. I
was comfortable with each and everyone of them. Especially Joanne and
Marie. I’m convinced they know everything about women, babies, and birth.
The nurses were amazing, the classes were informative, the facility is a
home away from home, the lab techs were fun and were great company during
monitoring. Whenever there was a question, or concern my group of midwives
were always a phone call away. I’ve had overall the best care I could’ve
possibly imagined. It actually exceeded my expectations.

My birth experience was simply wonderful, Marie was with me every step of
the way. She kept in contact with me from 11:50am when I called in, until
after 11pm when my son was born. Her instructions were clear and calm. I
knew I was in great hands! I used the hypnobirthing for coping throughout
labor. My water broke at 11:45am, I went into active labor at 5pm, we
arrived at the birthing center at 6:15pm, and my son was born 11pm sharp!
Marie coached me through the last portion of labor up until his birth.
Afterwards Brida and Karen came and took great care of us. From helping
with the car seat installation to getting my son to breastfeed. They were
very hands on and as a first-time mom, I needed it.

I LOVED my overall experience with Special Beginnings and I would
recommend it to everyone! All of my children will be born there! It really
gives you the special beginning to one of the greatest blessing you’ll
ever receive.

I give permission to publish this testimony.”