At the Birth Center

Special Beginnings Birth and Women’s Center provides a peaceful, home-like setting for your labor and birth experience. Here’s what you can expect from us at the birth center.

Labor and Birth Options at the Birth Center

In our warm and welcoming environment, you will be able to:

  • relax during labor
  • wear your own clothes
  • include your friends and family
  • choose the food and nourishment that your body needs during labor, with guidance from our team
  • move around during labor in the ways that support you best
  • soak in a Jacuzzi or deep birth pool
  • receive care from our highly trained certified nurse-midwives whose labor assistants are licensed nurses
  • choose the birth positions that are right for you
  • decide how you want to labor and birth. Your options include a bed in one of our comfortable birth rooms, in a Jacuzzi, or in a deep birth pool.

Why Women Choose the Birth Center

At the Birth Center.supportive labor with nurse-midwife, waterbirth, happy parentsFor women seeking the perfect place to labor and give birth, here are some reasons to choose Special Beginnings:

Comfortable Environment

  • Warm and welcoming, home-like atmosphere
  • Low-tech, high-touch approach to your health — and the health of your baby
  • Education, care, and nurturing provided by our certified nurse-midwives
  • Give birth — not be delivered — in privacy, peace and dignity

Safety and Choices

  • Birth in a setting designed for healthy women
  • Personal, one-on-one care from our certified nurse-midwives who are with you through your entire labor and birth
  • Lower cesarean section rate
  • Avoid unnecessary intervention
  • Birth choices — the freedom to labor and birth as desired
  • Option for waterbirth
  • Enjoy the benefits of a Jacuzzi or deep birth pool while in labor

Family First

  • Fathers and significant others can participate fully
  • Children, family, and friends can be included
  • Avoid separation from the new baby, keeping you together as much as possible
  • Full kitchen facilities are available for you and your family during labor and birth
  • Receive an earlier discharge than at the hospital, so you can return home sooner
  • Experience a home visit from your nurse three days after you return home

Safety at the Birth Center

Special beginnings is a CABC accredited birth center. Learn more about the CABC standards at

We carefully monitor you and your baby during labor and after birth for any sign of concern. We have basic medical equipment available and easily accessible if it is needed.

If for any reason a transfer to the hospital is necessary (either because you choose to birth there, or in the unlikely need for more acute care), your certified nurse-midwife will accompany you and your family to the nearby affiliated hospital.

At the hospital, your certified nurse-midwife will continue to care for you as your primary caregiver and will work in close consultation with our board-certified obstetricians and pediatricians.

Nitrous Oxide for Pain Relief During Labor

One of the unique options that we offer to clients in the birth center is the use of nitrous oxide for discomfort during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period. Commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is used during dental procedures. It is widely used for obstetric pain management in Canada and throughout Europe.

A mixture of 50% nitrous gas and 50% oxygen is inhaled through a mask that the woman holds and self-administers as she desires. It is effective for most women in reducing anxiety and increasing ability to cope with the contractions. It may also be used during the repair of lacerations. Nitrous oxide does not block the sensation of pain but it distances a woman from the perception of discomfort so that she does not feel it as intensely. It is best used during the active phase of labor.

Nitrous oxide does not impair the woman’s ability to move, walk or assume vertical positions. Due to potential side effects of dizziness, light-headedness and nausea, there should be a support person present during its use. There are no known side effects for the baby. The gas is cleared from the body in a breath or two.

If a woman is unable to hold the mask herself, has received narcotic medications in the past two hours or has pernicious anemia or B12 deficiency, she is not an appropriate candidate for use of nitrous oxide. In this case, we offer other options to assist a birthing family, including hydrotherapy with jacuzzis or birthing pools.

For more information please see this link.

Home Visits

For mothers who give birth at the birth center, Special Beginnings provides a home visit three days after your return home with your new baby. During this home visit, a nurse will be there to answer questions, assist with breastfeeding, make sure your recovery is progressing normally, and provide support.

Is the Birth Center the Right Place for You?

During your prenatal visits, we conduct on-going risk screening to ensure that the birth center is an appropriate and safe setting for you and your baby.

What if the birth center is not the right place for you this time? No worries!

  • If you experience health problems or difficult pregnancies, our certified nurse-midwives can also support you in a hospital setting where acute care is available.
  • Your CNM will still care for you, support you and attend your birth at the hospital.

All healthy, low-risk women who have a normal pregnancy and labor are welcome to birth at the birth center.

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