For those who wish to labor or give birth in water, Special Beginnings Birth and Women’s Center has Jacuzzi tubs and a deep birthing pool (that’s big enough for two).

First-time mom? A water birth is a great option for you, too!

Benefits of Waterbirth

Many women who come to the birth center choose to labor — and in some cases, give birth — in our Jacuzzi or a deep birth pool for reasons including pain relief, comfort, and relaxation.

There are many benefits of choosing a water birth. In our birth tub or Jacuzzi, you can labor faster, easier, and more gently.

During labor in one of our Jacuzzi or deep birth pool, you may find that:

  • Water creates a feeling of buoyancy that provides gentle support and relieves some of the stresses of gravity.
  • Warm water helps relieve pain and can encourage relaxation.
  • Warm water allows you to move more freely than you would out of water. You can move more gently into the laboring or birthing position that is right for you.

You can choose between a spacious tub with whirlpool jets or a deep inflatable birthing pool.

Please note: Our water births are only available for patients who deliver at the birth center. Unfortunately, there are no water birthing options available at the hospital.

If you’d like more information about water births, you can read more at Waterbirth International.