BreastfeedingAt Special Beginnings Birth and Women’s Center, we understand that you will likely have questions about breastfeeding and nursing your newborn. This process can sometimes feel overwhelming to first-time mothers.

All of our staff are experienced in assisting with breastfeeding. We are here to help educate you about breastfeeding techniques and will fully support you during this transition.

We will be there to assist you with breastfeeding, whether this is your first or last baby, throughout your breastfeeding experience.

Lactation Consultation Services

We have International Board Certified Lactation Consultants on staff at our Breastfeeding Boutique. Our lactation consultants can support you by:

  • answering your questions (such as pumping while at work)
  • consultations
  • making breastfeeding a smoother transition for you and your baby

Help with Breastfeeding

Our Breastfeeding Boutique is a wonderful resource for new breastfeeding mothers. We offer breast pump rental, as well as many other nursing supplies for new mothers.

Breastfeeding Classes Offered at Special Beginnings