Supporting Your Choices with Safe and Sensitive Care

At Special Beginnings Birth and Women’s Center, we know that pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy events in your life. Our team of certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) provide:

Special Beginnings is a licensed and CABC accredited, free-standing birth center in Arnold, Maryland, of Anne Arundel County — an easy drive from Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, DC.

We are proud to offer you the highest quality care and measure of safety, while supporting your choices during pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting.

Discover the place for Special Beginnings in your own life. Whether you are already pregnant or just considering starting a family, we invite you to register now for The Motherhood Experience, our free orientation and tour of the birth center.

Current News from Special Beginnings Birth & Womens Center

Storm Watch 2017

Due to the expected snow storm the Birth Center Office Hours have been cancelled for Tuesday, March 14th.  The Midwives will still be available and on call to care for you.  Just call the office number as usual.  If you had an appointment for tomorrow, the office staff will be contacting you to reschedule.  Stay safe and warm.  We will (hopefully) re-open Wednesday morning.